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GRAMMAR NOTES      Prepositions of movement  Prepositions of movement2         EXERCISES


                             Prepositions of movement3      Adjectives                          


                                                  Verbs of movement    Verbs of movement2


Irregular verbs list & exercises 



Make & Do an explanation   Make or Do List Make vs Do     Make or Do?  Make or Do? 2     Make / Do Quiz   Make - Do Quiz 2  Make vs Do 2


 (a) Few / (a) Little 2         (a) Few /(a) Little      Much-Many-Alot of-Few     A-An-The or nothing 


Adverbs   Adverbs2   Adverbs3   Adverbs4   Adverbs5     Adjectives & Adverbs   


Countable/Non-countable     Little and Few     Much - Many - A lot of       How to count uncountables        Nouns That can be countable or uncountable 


How to count non-countable nouns      Countable and uncountable nouns


Comparatives & Superlatives      Comparatives & Superlatives 2     Comparatives & Superlatives 3


Too & Enough  Too & Enough 2 Too & Enough 3  Too & Enough 4                       


Conditional 1     Conditional 2    Conditional 3     Conditional 4    Conditional 5   Conditional 6 Ready to go Conditionals    Conditionals in context



Ready to go Present perfect


Passive Voice     Passive Voice 2    Passive Voice 3   Test Passive 1    Test Passive 2                             


Relative pronouns



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